rümmli for you and your pet

Rümmli is about all family members. We’ve created a snuggle bag for humans that can complement the cushions adorning the cozy nook in the room and comfy snuggle beds for dogs and cats. Check our range of products.

rümmli snuggle bag highlights

Works great for living rooms, kids rooms, reading nooks and any other entertainment spaces in your home

Reversible, with a different fabrics on each side, making it possible to change the appearance and match your home decor

Big and soft enough to curl up with a good book or to seat in multiple seating positions

Allows to nap various inserts and decorative dispatchable add-on on the outer side to give a personal touch

Can be moved arround and used on the balcony or terrace, although the basic version is not specifically designed for outdoors

Can be customized and made of waterproof and durable materials making it perfect for use in the garden

rümmli snuggle bed for pets

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