rümmli stay in your hotel

The hospitality industry is all about customer experience. Welcoming guests with pets increases the chances they’ll book your hotel again and share the positive experience. We are here to help you become the perfect destination for pet lovers.


Carefully crafted fabrics come together into one amazing design of multi-purpose Rümmli snuggle beds for indoor and outdoor spaces. Check our Rümmli range and chose product that  answers your needs and complements the style of your hotel.

every pet deserves a holiday!

where to use Rümmli?

on a boat

Rummli outdoor snuggle is perfect for any water activities. Light and easy to transport. Water resistant. Keeps the dog dry an allows him to better coap with waves.

by the water

Rummli outdoor snuggle bed is a great solution for a beach or pool days. It is equipped with additional protective cotton or terry inserts that are machine-waschable.

in the restaurant

In general, pets are not permitted in the most of restaurants. But you can arange a comfortable Rümmli place for them in your outdoor dinning space or in a bar area.

in the hotel room

Rummli outdoor snuggle bed can be placed in the hotel room. It assures a comfortable place to sleep and is very easy to clean.

in the camping resort

Rummli outdoor bed is like a sleeping bag for humans. Light and easy to care. Add it as a part of camper or bungalow equipment.

for luxury stays

Welcome pets by giving them elegant Rümmli snuggle beds with changeable inserts to ensure safe and comfy sleep environment.

If we inspired you to launch Rümmli snuggle beds, contact us. WE’RE HERE TO HELP YOU become the best pet friendly holiday destination.