Rümmli outdoor snuggle bed for hotel spaces

Rümmli outdoor snuggle bed comes in two sizes for small and middle-sized dogs. It is made of water-resistant fabrics that give high strength and resistance to abrasion. The fabrics were chosen with pets in mind and are extremely lightweight, strong and durable, but at the same time soft to give the furry friends the ultimate, cozy feeling. All our snuggle beds are reversible and can be used interchangeably depending on the purpose of use.  This is what makes them different. The neutral grey matches every space and the friendly and optimistic yellow was chosen to provide energy and fun. This color combination answers the Pantone color trends for 2021.


All of those features make the Rümmli snuggle bed a perfect choice for all interior and outdoor adventures. It is easy to clean even with a quick wipe and light to transport. It keeps the dog dry during a boat trip. Moreover, thanks to its rounded shape and flat bottom, it allows the dog to better cope with the waves. And after a long day spent by the water, it gives the pooch the safe and comfy place to snuggle into and relax.


You can use Rümmli outdoor snuggle bed in many ways:

  • as a part of the boat rental equipment
  • as a place to sleep in the hotel room
  • as a place to rest in your patio area
  • or in any other way


There is no limit to your creativity!


The snuggle bed is easy to maintain. It comes with interchangeable, white polycotton inserts that can be treated as disposable or can be laundered and reused. There are also other inserts available that are made of 100%cotton or terry. All inserts can be labeled with your hotel’s logo and can be made in different colors that feature your brand.

If you are interested in having your Rümmli snuggle beds personalized get in touch with us to discuss your specific requirements.




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