rümmli sense of comfort

Life during the pandemic has affected everyone. With the extra time spent at home, we realized that setting up the home properly for work and relaxing is the key to our mental wellbeing. We looked for an idea of how to arrange a living space in a way that each family member has his personal sanctuary, a cozy nook to retreat and spend a lazy day.

We also thought about how to make the most of traveling and spending time in nature with pets. We came up with the idea of designing a line of multi-purpose products that can be used indoors and outdoors by individuals and businesses.
That’s how Rümmli was created!


Rümmli is about enjoying the little moments in life and creating cozy spaces for more snuggle-up moments for humans and their furry companions.

our inspiration

Rümmli is a young project, started in 2021. We aim to provide people and pets with products that bring the ultimate cozy feeling, improve mood, and make our life more harmonious. Inspired by everyday interactions with our pets and their natural willingness to cuddle, we have designed our first product line – Rümmli snuggles both for humans and pets that can be used at home or by pet-friendly businesses.


Designing the products we pay a big attention to fabrics. We use high-quality fabrics with a high abrasion resistance that stand up well to their level of use and offer a multi-sensory experience. We chose calming colors that match every interior and allow the users to personalize products by using various detachable add-ons. Our products are handmade and that makes them unique and special.

our goal

Our biggest dream is that every pet parent will be warmly welcomed by any holiday accommodation. We invite all hotels and restaurants to furnish your spaces and outdoor areas with our Rümmli products. For more information, please send us an e-mail. If you would like Rümmli to be a part of your cozy nook at home, please contact us for customization or see our regular range in our Etsy shop.

if you are interested in our product range, send us an e-mail