Rümmli elegant snuggle beds for indoors

Prepare your hotel for pet parents! The trend of increased travel with pets continues with the big wave of pet adoptions observed during the pandemic. Many travel destinations are focusing on offering their guest the best possible stay with furry companions. Becoming pet-friendly place can help you to win loyal customers. Treating their dogs and cats as special guests will make this positive experience shareable.

With our Rümmli elegant snuggle beds you can:

  • create a cozy pet corner in your hotel room that match your hotel decor
  • adjust the snuggle beds to the needs of the pets, thanks to the interchangeable inserts and various sizes
  • assure the comfortable and hygienic place to sleep for the pets
  • reduce the replacement costs thanks to the scratch-resistant as possible, easy to clean and high-quality furniture fabrics
  • reduce the cleaning or cost thanks to the reusable inserts that can be treated as disposable
  • make it easier to change between the guests, reducing time and improving your housekeeping operation
  • customize the snuggle beds according to your individual needs
The Rümmli snuggle beds are a great solution for small and mid-sized dog breeds and cats.
If we awoke your interest with our elegant line, get in touch with us and let us prepare a special offer for your hospitality.




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